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Professional evolution

The Evolution program


This offer is intended to support, through coaching and walking, the development of leaders in their personal and professional leadership.

How to regain energy and enthusiasm for:
. reconcile deep aspirations and its role? 

. project myself into the years to come? 

. stimulate and engage my teams?

How can we contribute to meeting the major challenges of today's world... is:
. can I bring more to where I am? 

. Are all my talents really being exploited?
. would a more engaging role be my way of taking part? 

How I experience change or transition towards choosing new responsibilities

Grandes lignes

A group of 4 to 6 people, supervised by 2 coaches.

A program lasting 4 to 5 months and which is structured around 3 highlights: 

. What is my story? (1 day)

. Who am I today? (1 day)
. What do I want to be tomorrow? (2 days)


For the participating leader:

    . In-depth self-knowledge, source of authenticity and impact, 

    . An alignment with one’s deep aspirations, a driver of well-being and commitment,
   . Awareness of one's own Reason for Being, the polar star for projecting oneself effectively and making everything make sense.

For the company:

    . Committed and inspiring leaders, with a renewed capacity for mobilization, 

    . Leaders who drive progress and transformation, their own and that of their teams, and true mobilizers of collective intelligence, 

    . Leaders capable of relaunching themselves, by finding and giving meaning to what they carry. 

To learn more about the program content, view or download the flyer below.

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Flyer Evolution

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