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An experience to live! Testimony from Hervé after his “Éclairer son chemin” course

In the midst of questioning professional choices, I was challenged by the offer of the “Lighting your path” course. In fact, I needed to take time to think, to be guided and the offer to do this while walking in the mountains, my place of inspiration immediately clicked!


I was not deceived ! Initially surprised by the different life paths of the participants, I discovered the richness of this mix.


François and Marc, two brothers, manage to lead the group and each person with simplicity, kindness and rigor, asking questions that require real reflection, while allowing great freedom.


Welcomed into François' family home, the barriers fall immediately. The different times of walking alone or in pairs listening to each other, interspersed with times of sharing and creative times, do their work.


Obstacles and fears are identified and removed, things are ordered. Amazing!


An experience to live! Hervé Tessier

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