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"And the magic happened!...". Testimonial from a participant in "Éclairer son chemin"

For many months, I had wanted to experience the  two days "Eclairer son chemin" program of Woaching with François and Marc. First, because since I have been practicing Woaching as a coach, I wanted to practice it once as a simple participant. And then because I was curious to let myself be led by this tandem of two brothers, one a coach and the other a therapist. 


So, still under the pressure of several intense weeks of work, here I am in the car with two participants on the steep road which leads to Valgodemard, without really knowing what to expect other than the fact that I am going walk and talk with people I don't know.


It took me a little internal rodeo at the start to disconnect and let go of the thought of my work, but I was not disappointed !


We walked at all hours of the day and even at night.

We sometimes walked alone, in connection with the natural elements in which we were bathed.

We walked sometimes in pairs to talk and listen in depth, and sometimes also in groups to share some precious gems.

We were led with the right amount of assurance to feel safe, and with the right amount of gentleness to feel free.

We were delicately guided sometimes by the coach and his metaphors and sometimes by the therapist and his powerful questions. 


And the magic of Woaching worked ! It was enriched by the setting of the family home open in refuge mode !


I met such beautiful people who allowed me to light my way under the light of their “ flashlights” by stepping out a little from the halo of my floorlamp ”. (See the article on the subject on the blog:


A very big thank you to Marc and François for this weekend that we were able to experience thanks to their overflowing generosity, their attentive professionalism and their simplicity making everything accessible.


Finally, a huge thank you to François for warmly offering us accommodation in his house whose soul is so alive. Denis AUBRON




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