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Inspiration from a long walk

The story of Peter, who walks home

"- Here's his photo."

Peter, turns his phone towards me, and places it between our two steaming bowls of latte. With light in his voice, he tells me about his little boy, with whom he speaks on the phone every evening and who is waiting for him there, at home. We are in an inn in Fromista, twenty days' walk from Santiago de Compostela, gathering strength before setting off again in the cold morning. In a few minutes we will leave. It makes the present moment even more precious.

I sometimes came across pilgrims like Peter while walking, who were doing the "reverse path". For once, I have the chance to listen to one of them, more than just for a crossover.

"- What made you choose to return on foot from Santiago?

In his lilting accent, Peter answers me: - After thirty years of walking in the mountains, I have learned one thing: when I arrive at the summit, I have only gone half the way. Because I still have to go home. He takes a sip of coffee and continues: When I arrived in Santiago twenty days ago, I knew I had to walk back home. Another thousand kilometers to Avignon".

This scene comes back to me as I walk, alone, after wishing Peter “Happy Camino”. I feel touched by his story.

Walking gives me time to let it resonate, in an interior monologue: "- When I reached Santiago after months of walking, leaving home, it did not occur to me to return on foot at home. - ..... - It's just. At the same time, I took the time to return slowly, by bus. - .....

-Actually, that sounds like what Peter does.

- .....

- Yes, but in a very light version, then!" As we walk, Peter's story speaks to me of its deeper meaning. Beyond what I was aware of until now.

What I remember as I write is this:

. There are moments in our lives when we achieve great things, on our own scale. Which require a strong personal commitment from us. Of which we can feel proud. This can be professional performance...

This can be the culmination of personal projects important to us... So, after these moments, let's take the time....

🍀 Let's take the time to be grateful , to thank everyone who helped us accomplish them; 🍀 Let's take the time for humility , to put things in their place on the scale of the world, of life; 🍀 Let's take the time to recognize and share what enlightened us to achieve them. Like Peter does every evening on his way home, on the phone with his son. Francois Thouret

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