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Testimony of Béatrice, following her week "Sculpter son Chemin"

Wonderful path proposed by Marc and François!

I progressed on this path as much by admiring the landscape as by meditating on the meaning of my life...

Step by step on a well-thought-out itinerary marked by symbols, I appreciated our small group and the authenticity of our exchanges.

Marc and François ensure that the framework is respected and I only felt benevolence as well as a good listening along the way...

In total confidence I was able to express what weighs on my life through creative proposals...

I came back from this trip leaving behind big rocks and filling my bag with small treasures.

Physically speaking, the path is well assessed and the walking times are sufficient for me. I was able to carry my bag for the 3 days traveling.

A big thank you to you 2 and may this path continue to live!!! 🌞🌹




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