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Testimony of Fabienne participating in the “Éclairer son chemin” course

I wasn't looking for anything, and I found it!

stage light your way

What a wonderful time this “Éclairer son chemin” weekend was. A day and a half to take the time to visit myself... explore what lives, vibrates within me and dare to say it under the attentive gaze of another who walks alongside me, in the silence of this magnificent nature.


A time too, to listen to what this exploration reveals for each other, to nourish ourselves with their shared inner journey, with the simple but powerful words that have allowed me to nourish my own quest... Thanks to the one (she will recognize herself) who shares that “she can live without a roof”… and leads me to feel this breath of freedom in me, to imagine the “good roof… you” for me today…


Zero stakes in this weekend, zero projects for one or the other, just the beauty of the place, a secure framework established and held by François and Marc, the simplicity of human beings fully present to them and to others... and the magic happens...


Sitting on this bench placed at the edge of the path, in front of the power and quiet strength of this mountain, my inner path illuminated by the words of everyone makes the next steps appear obvious to me...


Magnificent weekend. I wasn't looking for anything and I found it...😊


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