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Light your way
 "udon't pause to do itpointt"



Your personal and professional life unfolds over the weeks, months, years and it may be the time to take a break from your daily life, to step back, to look, to clarify where you are today. today.

The Light Your Path program is intended to support people who wish to take stock of themselves and/or discover the benefits of a time of group reflection based on Walking in Nature, combined with a methodology inspired by personal coaching and Gestalt Therapy

Some key points:

  1. A time just for you, to take a break from your daily life, take a step back, look, clarify where you are
  2. Take the time to listen, to listen to yourself, to write, to note, to meditate, to feel,..... using a methodology that invites you to look at what makes you feel good in your life. And also what prevents you from feeling good in your life
  3. For two evenings, two nights, and a whole day, let yourself be accompanied to look within yourself and around you, while walking in nature, combined with times of sharing in a small group
  4. ​Share your reflections in a small group, to hear other experiences, other ways of seeing the world 
  5. Accompanied by two professionals with complementary positions of coach (François Thouret) and gestalt therapist (Marc Thouret)


  • Next session:
    from Friday May 24, 2024 at 6:00 p.m., to Sunday May 26, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.


Location and walking route

  • In the Valgodemard valley, the Écrins massif, 1h30 from Grenoble

  • Approximately 12 km of trail and less than 300m of elevation gain.

  • Light backpack (snack + clothing for the day).

  • Accommodation in a village house in small dormitories.


  • Normal price for individuals: €249

(accompaniment 180€ + accommodation 2 nights and breakfast 69€)

Corporate rates, contact us .


  • This price is negotiable depending on your situation, in the spirit that drives us to make this program accessible to as many people as possible. We are talking about it.


  • Meals are shared together with what everyone brings.
    This contributes to the program's spirit of sharing.

  • Payment: €69 upon booking (accommodation). The balance on site.

You are interested?

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