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Originally, an idea ... 

Originally, the idea of Woaching came in 2019, when Francois Thouret had just finished his coaching training, he left to walk for two months on the Camino de Santiago.
He then discovers the power of conversation, when he walks with other people, side by side, in the simple framework of a path, in nature.

Conversation being at the heart of coaching (questioning, listening, taking a step back, etc.), he returns from his long walk with the idea of practicing coaching while walking (and in the corner of his head a name, whispered by a pilgrim : Woaching).


... became a purpose

Since then, François has experimented and then implemented numerous forms of Woaching.
Hundreds of people have practiced it and many have shared their experiences.

At the same time, a group of support professionals (coaches, therapists, etc.) sharing the same passion for walking was formed around Woaching, with a common purpose:

“combine accompaniment and walking in nature in order to enlighten life”

In practice, they nourish each other by sharing their experiences, their creations as well as the lessons of what Woaching brings to the people they support; 


And they practice, each in their own field, integrating into their practice the most relevant Woaching modalities for their clients, their patients.

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Today, a reality

francois a viscomtat.jpg

Francois THOURET 


Founder of Woaching

"I walk beside you,when you slow down to look"

My life journey has taught me that “self-awareness” is the most important lever power that everyone has to lead and live their life in a way that truly suits them.

And that this “self-awareness” requires time to slow down, take a step back, and look.

It is the passions for human relationships, for self-knowledge and for walking, which drive me when I accompany you at certain key moments in your personal and professional life (moments of questioning, moments of decisions, periods of change, turning points in life, etc.).

Every year, I return to the “school of long walking” on the Camino for a month or two to deepen my intimate experience of the alchemy at work in walking accompaniment. And thus transmit these benefits to my partners and to the people I support. 

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Woaching - Tanguy DELAMARE.jpg


Executive coach 

Co-founder of 


Successful managers, like high-level athletes, are coached and challenged on their profession and the challenges of their business.
Even when well surrounded, a leader remains alone. His vision and decisions are influenced by a whole series of biases. My role is to break this solitude and challenge him on his strategy and all his operational issues. Without forgetting the pleasure in his job and a desired life balance.


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Woaching - Marc THOURET.jpg

Marc brings his experience as an individual or group Gestalt therapist, to support awareness of obstacles and progressive choices to get moving, differently.
He contributes to the design and support of the “Sculpt your path” program dedicated to people at a turning point in life.

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Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.55_edit

Nelly LE BOT


human and strategic transformations

"Nelly likes to support decision-makers who want to connect to deep serenity and become leaders who positively impact their environment. After more than 15 years in large international structures in management positions in the Finance, Purchasing and supporting mergers and acquisitions, she has been working alongside them for 10 years to help them reach milestones, to bring their mission and ambition to life. She happily brings her experience in the practice of walks in the accompaniments."

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Philippe brings his experience as a manager and professional coach. He supports leaders and their teams in their leadership role and in their professional transitions, working specifically from the question of meaning, and to have a positive and lasting impact on their environment.
He contributes in particular to the design and support of the “Evolution” program.

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Executive coach

denis aubron.jpg

Denis brings his experience of business management, a passionate walker, and his great artistic sensitivity. He is dedicated to supporting managers, leaders, their teams and their organizations in the complexity of their environment. It also intervenes in major construction or reconstruction phases of professional career paths. He teaches leadership at EM Lyon.


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Executive coach

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