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Here's a little more about Woaching...

Approche innovante


An innovative approach

You may have heard of - or even experienced - coaching: this support process(of a person, of a team)in the accomplishment and success of its projects?
WellWoaching is a way of pushing coaching several “notches” further.

How ? By combining it with walk in nature.
That is to say, by slowing down, opening up and taking a step back in a simple setting outside of everyday life: ideal for discerning the essential in a given situation and becoming aware of what really drives us!

4 woachers.png

How(bis)? By practicing it in Group ! That is to say by enriching the individual journey of each participant through the collective sharing of experiences and points of view.

How(ter)? In theco-host with professionals with skills adapted to different support programs: coaching, gestalt therapy, leadership development, organizational improvement, etc.

Intended for everyone

This may be the moment when you ask yourself “Woaching: for whom?” and where we answer "for each".

Indeed, Woaching is aimed atanyone wishing to inform their choices important - professionally or personally.

Of course with a support methodology adapted to each situation, but with a common base of the benefits of walking, in group co-leadership.

Woaching - For all.jpg


A mission
“combine support and walking in nature to enlighten your life”
Woaching - A mission.jpg

→ By creating supports specially designed for your moments of choice or transition

In experimenting continuously new course and new methodological content intended for new current and future life situations

In sharing and by opening up the know-how of the Woaching profession; (in the “open source” spirit) to new partners sharing the ethos of WOACHING (coaches, psychotherapists, consultants, but also new players in the ecology of tomorrow….) bringing their complementary skills and their desire to contribute to the common mission

By practicing a solidarity pricing adapted to the possibilities of each person (whether support financed by the company or from your personal budget)

Progress of a Woaching session

Our Woaching sessions generally take place in groups of 4 to 8 people. They combine:

Woaching - walking alone.png
Woaching - solo.png
Woaching - group walking.png

Slow pace and simplicity

of walking

The dynamic

of group

The personnel development

In the service of introspection, of taking a step back

Following a progression questioning its history, its present, its future

Which enriches individual reflection through collective sharing, diversity and conviviality

Woaching - sitting group.png

Support by

In the areas of personal development, coaching and gestalt therapy


To do this, we alternate moments:

Duo walk : questioning, active listening
Walk solo : reflection, introspection
Sitting in a group : pooling of methodological tools, sharing of experience, co-development
Sitting solo, often facing a landscape: writing of emerging ideas, discernment, synthesis of actions


These moments constitute a journeyessentially individual enriched with moments of collective sharing.

To support you, apaper booklet guides you through the program with methodological tools and areas for personal notes. This booklet belongs to you and can be reused later with or without our support!

However, following a Woaching session, your guide offers you a video call within 1 to 3 weeks to ensure support and monitoring of the dynamics generated during the Woaching session

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