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Books on walking

[Book] Walking Life - A Quiet Art of Happiness

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Walking is enjoying global success, out of step with the sedentary lifestyle or indoor sports that predominate in our societies.


This contemporary passion combines multiple meanings for the same walker: desire to rediscover the world physically, to break with a too routine life, to fill the hours with discoveries, to suspend the worries of the day, desire for renewal, adventure, encounter.


A walk always requires at least three dimensions of time: we first dream of it, we accomplish it, and then we remember it, we tell it.Even when finished, it continues in the memory and in the stories we tell about it: it lives in us and is shared with others.


In this book - fun, intelligent and stimulating - the author returns to the pleasure and meaning of walking, and reveals to us its therapeutic virtues in the face of the fatigue of the soul in an increasingly technological world.

[Book] 10 good reasons to walk

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Walking can be such a source of pleasure that it needs no reason. But if you doubt it, this book gives you ten, each as convincing as the last!


Learning to walk consumes the first years of your existence, then it becomes an automatic function of your human condition. But take a step aside, watch yourself walk and you will see: walking makes you better.


More intelligent, healthier and in better shape, more capable of making decisions, better disposed towards others, more "beautiful", happier...

Stop for a moment, and you will see that the virtues of walking also benefit society as a whole. There are perhaps a thousand good reasons to go walking. Here are ten of them.

[Book] Sur les chemins noirs

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"I had to travel the world and fall from a roof to grasp that I had there, before my eyes, in a country so close whose folds I was unaware of, a network of country paths open to the mystery, bathed in pure silence, miraculously empty. Life gave me a chance, so it was high time to cross France on foot on my black paths. There, no one tells you how to stand, nor what to think, nor even the direction to take." 

[Book] Le chemin des estives

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“Everywhere, there was too much noise, too much speech. One day, I got tired of this frenzy and left. Some people go to look for happiness in Alaska or Siberia, but I am an adventurer from cantonal France: I am looking towards Aubusson, Puy Mary and the Millevaches plateau... » Without a single penny in my pocket, banking on the generosity of people, a young Jesuit aspirant escapes the city and modernity with the desire to reconnect with the elemental. He takes a leisurely trip through the deserts of the Massif Central. A short walk of seven hundred kilometers on foot. Le chemin des estives, the story of this journey, is an ode to desertion, to freedom, to spiritual adventure. We come across the figures of Rimbaud and Charles de Foucauld, but also people of character, volcanoes, cows. Throughout the pages, a certainty emerges: happiness is within reach, you just have to trust and open your eyes.

[Book] The little book of walking


To walk ! Apparently the most natural and everyday act for man. And yet, what is there in common between the monk who wanders in his cloister and the explorer who surveys the planet, the pedestrian who travels in the city and the pilgrim who walks in the wilderness? Not much, probably, except putting one foot in front of the other and, as the song says, starting again. Writer and hiker herself, Gaële de La Brosse met fifteen witnesses, with very different backgrounds, but who all have one thing in common: experiencing walking not as a banal act, but as an essential experience. These invite us to probe, in our turn, the deeper meaning of our journey. With the participation of Olivier Lemire, Jean-Louis Étienne, Claire Colette, Édouard Cortès, Sylvain Tesson, Frère Gilles Baudry, Bernard Ollivier, Thich Nhat Hanh, Olivier Bleys, David Le Breton, Frédéric Gros, Céline Anaya Gautier, Michel Gallet, Brother François Cassingena-Trévedy and André Weill. 

[Book] Immortelle Randonnée

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"Every time I was asked the question: 'Why did you go to Santiago?', I was at a loss to answer. 
How can we explain to those who have not experienced it that the Path has the effect, if not the virtue, of making people forget the reasons which led them to embark on it? We left, that's all. A gallery of tasty portraits, philosophical entertainment in the tone of Diderot, an exercise in self-deprecation full of humor and wonder, Immortelle hiking ranks among the great literary travel stories.

Books on self-knowledge

[Book] Cessez d'être gentils, soyez vrais

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A book that can change your life:

Nonviolent Communication in the service of self-knowledge to inform one's communication choices with others and ultimately to better lead one's life.


We tend to more easily speak truths to others rather than simply expressing what is going on inside us. Expressing your truth with respect for others and yourself, here is the project, stop being nice, be true. Do you often make an effort to inventory the feelings that motivateyour judgments ? Are you able to identify the repressed and camouflaged needs behind your words? Do you make realistic, negotiable demands of others? Stop being nice, be honest ! offers you the opportunity to meet others without ceasing to be yourself.

Author Thomas d'Ansembourg

[Book] Tant d'hiver au coeur du changement

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The metaphor of the seasons

The author invites us to inhabit change in depth to discover its hidden side, to dare to dive into the heart of change, to fully experience this mysterious transition process which transforms us from the inside.

So much winter at the heart of change thanks to an eloquent metaphor on the seasons leads to a vision that is both conceptual and practical of the transition process.

Michèle Roberge is a social worker and guidance counselor. She participates in the training and development of helping relationship resources in Quebec.

Author  Michèle Roberge

[Book] Transitions de vie

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How can we adapt to the turning points of our existence?

First published in 1980, Transitions is the first book to explore in detail the mechanisms of adaptation to change. A great DP classic, it is one of the 50 best world titles in this category.

Faced with the inevitable changes in existence, the book accompanies the reader step by step in the process of reorientation. Any transition process follows three phases:

    1. the deep recognition of an ending

    2. the neutral zone: time of reorientation, often difficult to live through, it is an essential time to live, a necessary step

    3. renewal or new beginning.

Author: William Bridges (1933-2013) 

[Book] The Child, the Mole, the Horse and the Fox

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A window into the human heart

A universal and beneficial fable addressed to all generations.

It tells a story of friendship between a child, a greedy and full of life mole, a fox that trials have made suspicious and a wise and serene horse.

The four of them explore the big world. They ask themselves questions. They go through storms. They learn to love each other.

This ode to innocence and kindness transmits life lessons that have touched the hearts of more than a million readers.

Author Charlie Mackesy

Books on decision

[Article] Dare to have confidence in the construction of your decisions

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Research shows that trust is proportional to the feeling, among those involved, that your decision was made in a “fair” manner. 

Indeed, it is established that an actor will engage in the execution of a decision, even if this decision impacts him personally, if he is convinced that the process followed by the leader to make this decision is "fair". ".


[Book] Le livre des décisions

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How to identify the right market for your product? Is it a good time to change jobs? How to resolve a conflict so that everyone comes out a winner? What can make you happier and more successful?

To answer all these essential questions, simply use one of the 50 best decision-making templates.

[Book] The brain System 1 / System 2: The two speeds of thought

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How do we make our decisions? What guides our preferences and judgments? When should we trust our intuition? These are the common threads of this work, in which Daniel Kahneman takes us to an astonishing encounter with the two “characters” who share our mind.


“System 1” is fast, intuitive and emotional; “System 2” is slow, thoughtful and logical.

Via multiple experiments that the reader is invited to try themselves, Daniel Kahneman exposes the ravages of biases and other cognitive biases of which we are the toys: illusion of familiarity, halo effect, optimistic bias, anchoring effect ...


The fruit of a lifetime of research, System 1 / System 2 draws a brilliant theory which offers immediate practical extensions in daily and professional life.

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