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Woaching locations

The Woaching routes are carefully selected and marked, in the forest and/or in the mountains.

They allow easy walking, on paths allowing two people to walk side by side. They offer unobstructed views, conducive to inspiration and wonder.

Woaching - Le Salève.png

Le Salève

A stone's throw from Geneva, course on the hilly plateau of Mont du Salève covered with beech woods and with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, Lake Geneva and the Jura.

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Woaching - Lac du Bourget.png

The balconies of Lake Bourget

Overlooking the largest natural lake in France, near Aix les Bains, route alternating wide forest paths and magnificent views of the lake and Mont Blanc

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Balcons Bourget
Woaching - Col de Vence.png

The Col de Vence

Departing from the Col de Vence near Grenoble, a very pleasant route through the woods with exceptional views of the Belledonne range, the Chartreuse summits, and the Vercors plateau.

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Col de Vence
Brie and Angonnes.jpg

Brié et Angonnes

15 minutes from Grenoble, this route follows a ridge with a view of the Vercors, the Belledonne range and the Vercors plateau.

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Brié et Angonnes
Woaching - Fontainebleau.jpg

The forest of

Departing from Fontainebleau station, a forest trail offering multiple viewpoints and breaks among the rocks with soothing shapes conducive to serene reflection

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IMG_2249 copy.HEIC

The Balconies of Romage

15 minutes from Grenoble, route departing from Poisat, which gently climbs through the forest then winds along a balcony with a view of the south of Grenoble, the Vercors and the Chartreuse.
You can come across herds guarded by a llama.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-04-05 at 14.07.59 copy.jpg

Meanders of the Drac

South of Grenoble, near Vif, is a nature reserve, nestled in the ancient meanders of the Drac. The route runs between small lakes where beavers nest and where the Monts du Thabor, Belledonne, Vercors and Chartreuse are reflected. A sublime setting in good weather.

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The Rock of Chère

This location offers several sumptuous panoramas of Lake Annecy and the surrounding peaks.

The Roc de Chère Nature Reserve is a protected forest environment of great ecological wealth. The alternation of zones of Mediterranean type vegetation, wetlands and cool environments makes its route particularly pleasant in all seasons.

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Roc Chère

Saint Guilhem the Desert

A historic stop on the Camino de Santiago, Saint Guilhem le Désert is the starting point of the “Sculpt your path” program, for a 6-day journey in Haut Languedoc, with a walk on the slopes of Larzac.

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St Guilhem
montage Lodeve.png

Lodève - La Roseraie

La Roseraie is a house full of charm and steeped in history which welcomes us in the heart of Lodève.
From this central point, we make several routes to magnificent destinations:
- Salagou Lake
- The Navacelles circus
- The hills of l’Escalette
- The Grézac plateau
- …

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Lodève & Roseraie

Other courses are currently being qualified, in conjunction with partners in other regions.


Of thetailor-made coursecan be created for a business team in their geographic area.

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