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Participants testimonials to
1 day and 1/2 day of Woaching


Denis' testimony - the "Wow" effect in Woaching 


This summer, I had the joy of celebrating the wedding of two of my passions during two seminars in our mountain chalet: walking and support.  

Here, in the depths of winter, I am reminded of what we experienced in my beloved mountains with the wonderful team of partners of theWoaching

For a few hours, I slow down, and time seems to suspend for a peaceful time, a slow time where the grip of “must” loosens. 

This allows you to work in depth on the subject that deserves it. The subject that itches, you know, the one that I neglect due to lack of time. There, he presents himself to me in another light. 

For this, the first walk, meditative and solitary, allows the awakening of all the senses:

  • I look, and I perceive details that I would not have seen if I moved forward preoccupied.

  • I listen to noises, and I recognize sounds that I would not have heard,

  • I breathe, and I distinguish smells that I would not have noticed,

  • I can feel the path under my feet, and almost count the folds, the pieces of wood, the roots and the stones under my shoes.

This attention to the little things that mean a lot to me, here and now, significantly lowers my stress level and makes me permeable to what is happening, to what is at stake. 

But the greatest gift is listening deeply to each other when walking together.

The waltzing duo walk:

  • A time side by side, 

  • Then a time in single file with another, when the relief, the difficulty is felt,

  • And the third beat sits, poised, to internalize as a climax. 

I was able to say, search, feel, move forward, search again, and find an unexpected option. And above all, by listening to others and their few precious words in resonance, I was able to discover the essential, the elixir of this time. 

Thus, from elixir to elixir, alternating speaking and listening throughout the day, I saw clearly where I needed to focus my attention, where I could draw an inestimable quantity of energy, where I was going to take my next small steps towards a high and ambitious aim. 

So I said, “Come on!”

So I started walking with my clients. I am very happy to add this modality which preciously uses time, space and the body to stimulate openness to unimagined possibilities.With a guaranteed wow effect, from what they tell me! 


Denis Aubron

François ' testimony


“I was amazed by the power of the approach.

No comparison with a meeting, even informal, or even a team building.

We took the time to ask questions while walking side by side, to get people to ask the right questions, to push their thoughts forward.

I repeated this experience with François in a group. In both cases this support had a strong impact on me and I thank it."


Francis Sforza


Pierre's testimony


“What a pleasure to progress so naturally through accompanied walking, to journey internally and physically, connected to oneself, to others and to such inspiring nature...

A big congratulations to the founders of Woaching, for making a relevant model accessible, whose simplicity serves efficiency.

Finally, hats off to these walkers who contribute equitably to improving the model, walk after walk, through experimentation and sharing! »


Pierre Lucat


Luc's testimony

Woaching - Testimony Luc SIMON.jpg

“This day of Woaching allowed me to think calmly, outside of everyday life, about important issues, at my level but also team issues.”


Luc Simon


Hélène’s testimony

Woaching - Testimony Hélène FIETTA.jpg

“This day of woaching was a moment of thoughtful reflection.

The coach takes care of the logistics and I let myself be carried away. It all starts with relaxation, then comes reflection, guided stepping back.


Thank you to the coaches for their professionalism."



Marie Anne

Marie Anne's testimony

photo-WA IMG_2774.jpg

“I was happy to discover the benefits of woaching outings which combine perspective, physical activity and the richness of exchanges with other participants, without forgetting the supervision of the facilitator.

It seems beneficial to me to allow myself this type of session in a busy daily life. The decision support is real and we always come back with ideas to explore.”


Mary Anne

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