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Woaching Week:
Sculpter son Chemin

This offer is intended to provide in-depth support,a transition at a turning point in life.

“Life turning points” are for example changes in lifestyle, profession or professional trajectory, retraining, transitions to retirement, etc.

These are points of transition which can unbalance, question, worry but also open up new perspectives.

The “Sculpter son Chemin” program

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With a duration ofa week, walking in nature,in a small group, This is a time to slow down, in order to:

. (re)find clarity

. perceive the possibilities

. find your way through your transition

. project yourself into a “story” that really inspires you

You will be asked to think about questions such as:


. What is essential for me?

. What desires do I have for myself? My family? My entourage? The society?

. How can I live this time with my partner, my loved ones?

. What do I have to leave? What should I give up?

. What else am I pursuing?. How do I tell it?


.Departing from Saint Guilhem le Désert (1 hour from Montpellier)

. 5 days of walking and 6 nights in lodges

. 3 traveling days to Lodève,by following the route of the Camino de Santiago. Luggage carrying possible.

. Then 2 days “star-shaped” from Lodève


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Upcoming dates for the “Sculpter son Chemin” program:

  • contact us to know about the next dates

    On the “Saint Guilhem” route, 1 hour from Montpellier


. Food & accommodation:300€

. Accompaniement:700€

+ solidarity participation according to possibilities


. Company or CE rate: contact us

Solidarity participation. It's what?

We practice Woaching with the mission of making its benefits accessible to as many people as possible. This is why we apply “solidarity pricing” to this program, for private participants who do not benefit from financial assistance for this project.

The principle is simple: a free participation that the participant pays, if he wishes, in addition at the end of the trip, according to his choice and according to his financial possibilities and his desire to contribute to making this type of program accessible. to as many people as possible (it helps a person who has fewer possibilities to participate)😊

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