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Support services depending on your situation

Group services at predetermined dates

Need for perspective,  
of rejuvenation

You are active and you are looking for regular moments to breathe, recharge your batteries, take a step back, meet new people to share experience

👉Treat yourself a subscription

for 3 or 6 half-days


To make a break

to make a point

Your personal and professional life unfolds over the weeks, months, years and it may be the time to take a break from your daily life, to step back, to look, to clarify where you are today. today

👉Treat yourself to a weekend 

“Eclairer son Chemin”

Turning point of life,


You are wondering about or preparing to experience an important transition in your life

examples: change in lifestyle, job or professional trajectory, transition to retirement, etc.

👉Treat yourself to a week 

“Sculpter son chemin"

Professional evolution

You are in a leadership role and you are wondering about the meaning you want to give to your contribution

examples: what are my deepest aspirations, how can I contribute to meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s world, etc.

👉Treat yourself to the program


Acc personnalisé

Individual services at customised date

Customized services

You're tempted by the idea of accompaniment on a walk in nature.

You are looking for an individual session?

Or specific group coaching


Examples (already carried out):


🍀 A break to take stock, individually (1 day)

🍀 Support in introducing Woaching into your practice (ad hoc program)

🍀 Cohesion time for your team (1 day)

🍀 Accompaniment on your journey to Santiago de Compostela (ad hoc program)

👉Contact us

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