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Participant testimonials 


Sculpter son Chemin


Stéphanie’s testimony

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Jean-Christophe Ruffin wrote: "when I set out to walk on the road to Compostela, I wasn't looking for anything and I found it."

Well, I, upon my return from a week of walking as part of the Sculpter son Chemin program, would add: “…and I found so much more! ".


Having joined this program during a professional retraining, I had an incredible experience about myself. Well beyond the simple professional framework, I simply found myself.

How good it is to give yourself time, to relearn simple things: breathe, contemplate, smell, listen...

I had never walked the path to Santiago, I learned a lot there: silence, simplicity, calm, encounters, etc.

I let myself be carried away by the program which is very well thought out. We let ourselves be surprised every day. And the dynamic brought by the group is an immeasurable richness.

It’s an experience where I put my brain down to… just live and feel.

I have deep gratitude for François and Marc who allowed me to reconnect with myself. Their attentiveness, their experience and their kindness were precious to me. They gave me the keys to continue moving forward on my path.

Even if life has put new obstacles in front of me, I approach them more calmly and with acceptance. I am aware that the path is filled with nuggets and enchantments that are just waiting to be savored.


Thank you François and Marc, the “maieuticians” of my path😊

Stéphanie Coster-Rocher

Liza’s testimony


“Every morning we take the Path, every morning we go further…”.

Here is the beginning of the song of Compostela, encountered

(almost) by chance during this week-long journey aboard “Sculpter son Chemin”. And that can apply to each of my days, each of my places now.

For months, years, there had been a desire in my mind to “move” on my own journey. 
How, to where, to what?


I still have these questions today, but I face them with confidence rather than anxiety, after this week of expedition. I thought that this need for change only concerned my professional world; This week of discussions has highlighted that something deeper is at work.

It was a great gift for me to offer myself this time of a week of walking and guided reflective work, in this period of great questioning, at a crossroads in my life. 

To realize that my life is made up of crossroads, crossings, directions... that it is a question of stopping for a moment to no longer be afraid of feeling what is changing, fading, transforming, redrawing itself within me. 

To take stock of the situation and see that what I experience as a real “mess”, a chaos, can also be the breeding ground for lots of new beginnings for me. What precious insights...


And what a magnificent setting to lose myself in my thoughts, my imagination, and let new visions and sensations emerge. This journey made me creative!

I was able to exchange safely, in depth, through carefully chosen and guided times. In a natural setting that cleanses me of my daily thoughts. 

Transform the loop into a journey, into an ascent, into an epic. Where what I have that is most precious and sensitive has its place, surrounded by people who know how to cultivate connection and care. And improvise if necessary!


Marc and François offered me something unique that is unique to them, specific to the softness of their gaze, their words and their creativity. 

A bubble that allows me to experience myself differently and positively nourish the way I look at myself. In the guidance of a hiking path superbly constructed from my point of view, in the heart of landscapes which leave no choice but to be amazed. For the splendor of the paintings, I keep the secret😊


I remember François' first words when I asked him what to prepare regarding the state of my project, my big questions of the moment... "Come as you are, with what there is today, it There’s nothing to prepare,” he replied. And there we go. 

I experienced a week of inner adventures and touching encounters just as I like them. I leave more clear and solid. I am surprised and touched by the interior and exterior explorations, the resonances that there were in the group.


My desires today take on brighter colors, my dreams a little more substance, and my emotions a little more awareness. My desire to walk was born differently, took on a deeper meaning.

 So, I am so close to this tree that goes through the seasons? Yes, I feel it now, it's just inside.

I will no longer experience winter in the same way, now that I have understood its importance for the arrival of spring 🌿🌞


Pierre's testimony


In the midst of a professional change, I took the opportunity to take these few days to take stock of radical choices about changing my professional life.

I thought I was clear in my decisions, but I felt my momentum held back by an elastic band...

I walked for six days, on the beautiful trails of the foothills of Larzac, magnificently accompanied by François and Marc.

Thanks to them and through the group, I became aware of the inner renunciations that I had not yet assumed, how they prolonged my wandering and my hesitations to take certain steps.

By alternating phases of silence, listening, verbalization and self-writing, by listening deeply to others, by also freeing my creativity, I revisited my life from birth to the present, I I rediscovered my essential markers, I forgave myself for many things... I even brought my deceased ancestors back to life, I better understood their story, and mine too.

This inner adventure was an opportunity to experience and embrace deep emotions, which revealed to me how far I had left to better align heart and mind in my choices of path.

What luck, what happiness too, to live through walking and support, in your body as much as in your heart and in your soul, a rejuvenating experience of such depth.

From this end of the journey together I came back calm, reassured, amazed at the interactions received and created in such a short time, full of ideas in my pocket to move forward, equipped to continue carving my path alone…🌞🍀


Béatrice’s testimony


Magnificent Path than that proposed by Marc and François! 

I progressed on this path as much by admiring the landscape as by meditating on the meaning of my life... 

Small steps by small steps on a well-thought-out route marked by symbols, I appreciated our small group and the authenticity of our exchanges.

Marc and François ensure that the framework is respected and I have only felt kindness and good listening throughout the way...

With total confidence I was able to express what weighs on my life through creative proposals...

I came back from this trip leaving big stones behind and filling my bag with small treasures.

Physically speaking, the path is well evaluated and the walking times are sufficient for me. I was able to carry my bag during the 3 traveling days. 

A big thank you to both of you and may this path continue to live!!!🌞🌹


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