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OXYGEN program


Many dream of being able to take time regularly to breathe, and to slow down too, without waiting for the next vacation days.

This need is perhaps even stronger when you find yourself in team or project responsibility.

Also, the Oxygen program offersa series of 5 half-days of Woaching during the year, combining walking and coaching, near Paris.

It is aimed at professionals who aspire to:

  • Get out of an operational daily life that is too often oppressive;

   • Take a step back from an environment with such significant challenges;

   • Demonstrate discernment in an uncertain context;

   • Share with peers in complete confidence and outside the usual framework;

   • Progress in their position as Manager or Leader 


The alliance of walking and   coaching

  • 5 half-day group outings on Friday morning, spread over the year

  • A peer group of 6 to 10 people, led by 2 coaches

  • professionals

  • 1 individual session

  • A course in a natural environment, near Paris and without sporting difficulty

    Dates in 2024 : March 15, April 26, May 31, July 5, September 13, October 11, November 8, December 6

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“A human nugget full of lessons” Palmira

“A powerful and extraordinary experience to disconnect from an often overloaded daily life to approach it with more lightness” Emma

OXYGEN program flyer

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