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Half day of Woaching

You need to take a step back to recharge your batteries, to support a choice, a decision, to open your mind, to see more clearly, about a personal or professional situation

Séance Woaching découverte

Discovery Woaching Session

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The “Woaching discovery” session was designed, onhalf a day, to offer you, by combining coaching and walking, a step back and reflection on yourchoice or decision situation.


It can be sufficient in itself toshed light on your situation and allow you tocontinue your decision-making process independently.


It can also make it possible to determine the continuation of the support for situations requiring long-term and/or team support.

To find out more about how it works, view or download the detailed content in the flyer below.

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Woaching Discovery Flyer

Moments of decisions

Tailor-made offer

Offre sur mesure

THE "moments of decisions» such as for example a major project launch, a change of organization, a change of position or
business, a change of place of life, etc. require us to take a step back on the way we make our decisions, how we associate the
people concerned, how we avoid being influenced by our biases,
how we prepare to communicate our decision, and then
how we will monitor its execution...

Support for these decision moments is providedcustom made depending on your situation.

Thus, aconstellation of tools and methods can be offered to you.

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