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A day “off-site” to take a step back on team cohesion

These professionals, used to working together in a highly technological and competitive field, had decided to dedicate time to take care of their team cohesion. For this, they chose a day of Woaching, on the balconies of Lac du Bourget.Sharing experience.

First discovery. "Some of us have been working together for years and we realized that we don't know each other very well, in fact!"

The first time we walk together consists of sharing, in turns, "what I like to do when I'm not working." Thus each person expressed, often for the first time in front of their colleagues, what drives them in their life.Walking in nature promotes this expression, as well as attentive listening to everyone. Thus common tastes for nature, music, effort, ... big and small things, revealed themselves to create new bonds in the team.

One of the participants commented:

"The exercise was instructive and even surprising. It makes us more human and teaches us more about each other. We thus strengthen our bonds and put aside our judgments.

Second discovery.Many situations in everyday professional life can be achieved while walking. And thus benefit from the power of conversation while walking.

Everyone was able to experience walking time in pairs, where one wonders out loud for 10 to 20 minutes (on a theme), while the other listens without speaking, without interrupting.

And become aware of the effects that this practice provides, compared to usual conversations: . walking side by side, without looking at each other, eliminates the body language that influences expression and listening . wondering out loud allows you to verbalize and put words (sometimes unexpected) on things, and to give them a new or different meaning . listening without speaking allows you to let “the silences speak”. Indeed, during silence, the speaker continues to think, to feel, and sometimes deeply. When he speaks again, sometimes after several minutes of silence, he can express unique, precious things... which would have had no chance of being expressed, if the silence had been broken by the listener! This way of talking while walking can be used in many professional situations: "face to face" with a colleague, meeting a new person (recruitment), "difficult" conversation, ..... One participant commented: "Exercise can seem overwhelming at first. but in the end he leaves time to reflect, to think, to follow through on his reasoning. The quality of discussion and listening is better" All you have to do is leave the office and go for a walk outside together!

Third discovery."We can talk about serious and deep things that concern us both personally and professionally" . Without having the impression of "talking about work".

The theme chosen for this day was the theme of trust. Trust is at the heart of the relationship. It cannot be decreed as an objective, or as an expectation. It is the consequence of each person's experience which is nourished by behaviors and feelings regarding these behaviors. The space of walking in nature lent itself to sharing each person's feelings and expectations on behaviors likely to give them confidence, or on the contrary to destroy it. While realizing that these behaviors are the same in the professional world as in personal life. One of the participants commented: "we can have a relationship where trust is spontaneous or, on the contrary, build it patiently. In both cases, it is necessary to nourish it, and in particular to take the time to exchange to know each other better, to understand each other"

And the icing on the cake...

A rejuvenation of the body and mind brought by the serenity of walking in the forest, by the wonder of the lake and mountain landscapes and by the healthy effort of walking in the open air, for a whole day😊



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