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The bubble"

A precious moment of the "Éclairer son chemin" courses

We naturally ended up calling it the “bubble.”

This particular space of walking together, where words come out of oneself, carrying meaning, like never before.

Here, seen from the inside, is how this precious moment is “shaped”.

Let's first look at the main ingredients:

✅ At the start, the participants left “in the locker room” the concerns that they wish to leave aside during the course. This exercise carried out in a group allows everyone to be careful not to address topics that have been submitted by others.

✅ The "bubble" is made up of two participants, who walk together in pairs. The attendants nearby ensure that all the “bubbles” run smoothly, but without listening, without being “in the bubbles”. This is very important to put the speaker and the listener, in turn, on the same equal footing in the exchange, in a space for them alone.

✅ The two participants do not know each other (or as little as possible), outside of the course. This allows everyone to speak freely, and makes listening perfectly neutral, without bias linked to the history or future of the two people.

✅ The choice of the path and the guidance in these moments are such that for the participants, the walk is easy, the landscape inspiring, and they do not have to worry about timing or marking.

✅ The framing and guidance of this exercise ensures that the listener does NOT speak. He listens completely. Even during long silences. He has removed all responsibility for finding a solution, giving advice, or asking a question to the speaker. The speaker therefore feels listened to completely, without judgment. Like never. His silences are preciously respected, when he continues to think inside, while walking. Which allows, when speech resumes, unexpected and profound things to be expressed. To reach the consciousness of the one who speaks.

These ingredients are combined by the guides, who take particular care to ensure that each participant feels confident in the group, from the first minute to the end of the course. 💎 By establishing a clear framework at the beginning, on confidentiality, respect, the presence and responsibility of each person. 💎 By constantly monitoring each participant, each “bubble”, and the dynamics of the group. With regular debriefings from the two accompanying persons, particularly during the formation of the “bubbles”.

💎 By carefully preparing the details of the course, the timing and the progress of the program... so as to be able to improvise during the inevitable adaptations to be made throughout the course.

💎 And finally, leaving room for pleasure, humor and conviviality, for an atmosphere... that sparkles😊



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