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Back from the Camino school

On December 14, after 80 days of walking on the Camino de Santiago, departing from Grenoble, I reached the small port of Muxia, at the tip of Galicia at the westernmost point of Spain, from Europe. The end of the Camino! Body regenerated, mind, heart and soul nourished.And the feeling of carrying within me a thousand new experiences to share with you.

Nourished by moments of joy, wonder, deep emotions

. I filled my eyes and my camera with magnificent images of nature so beautiful also in winter, in the morning at sunrise.

. I filled my heart and my memory with the simple beauty of faces, accents and stories shared during conversations while walking or in the “albergues”. . I fed my need for connection to nature, to greater than me, in harmony.

Enriched with lessons from the experience of the values of the way

. For my personal life, I have nourished my needs for freedom, simplicity, authentic sharing, awareness of the things that are essential to me. . For my professional practice, I have experienced in very diverse situations listening, humility, respect for diversity. And the sharing of Camino experiences.

Today, I feel more than ever driven by the momentum to share all this wealth with you, with as many people as possible. I will do it through these Echos du Chemin, through the walks that we will do together. And then I know that the Camino is there, to return there to feed me, to draw energy, and to continue to learn about myself and about life. Francois



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