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Echoes of the Camino - The strength of prayer

Interview with Stéphanie, leaving Le Puy alone for a 1515 km journey to Santiago de Compostela. Today she has been on the Camino for 50 days and has already traveled almost 1200 km.

She has just entered the Meseta, a 200 kilometer high Spanish plateau in the heart of almost desert landscapes. A portion even more conducive to concentration, meditation, reconnecting with oneself and nature. Nature that extends in a majestic infinity where the horizon touches the edge of the universe".

I share with you in the form of an interview, an experience that she told me, and that she lived at the beginning of her journey. In Conques. The strength of prayer.

This Thursday morning, I take my stick, and I start walking towards Conques.

I meet pilgrims who tell me that the accommodation at the Abbaye Conques is full. For several days, I have been hearing this discourse. And by the way, that's what the receptionist told me when I called him. Indeed, I have a very strong desire to sleep at the Abbaye de Conques. In this sacred place steeped in the history of the Camino. Also, as I walk, I explain internally and precisely my desire to sleep in a place where the Divine is celebrated, like a prayer made and sent to Heaven.

Then I let go with the result. I then feel a confidence in what must be. I have faith that if my presence is wanted in this place, I will have a place. The words of pilgrims about the lack of space no longer affect me. I feel receptive, confident, open all day.When I arrive in Conques, I am touched, dazzled by the beauty, by the atmosphere that emanates from the place. I present myself to the hospital who manages the pilgrim reception at the Abbey:

-Have you booked? -No.

She then said to me: - It's your lucky day. I have a bed for you!

I then feel full of gratitude, and at the same time of serene joy... I then ask Stéphanie what lesson she learned from this experience. "This experience allowed me to cultivate confidence, to make it resonate in my being, to let go with the result, like a prayer.

And to feel gratitude.

The evening was exceptional with a meal at the abbey, a blessing of the pilgrims at the abbey and a magnificent organ concert. As well as the visit to the village of Conques, splendid." 😊



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