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Eclairer son chemin: "I found one thousand nuggets..." - testimony from Adeline

By Adeline Foray

I didn't really know what to expect when I arrived. I left with my heart filled with unforgettable moments, and enlightened by profound human sharing.

Marc and François with subtlety and sensitivity give birth to “a group”, which becomes, in a few hours, an entity in its own right with beings who initially did not know each other. They accompany us with gentleness and kindness which, in addition to being communicative, will allow a natural letting go for each of us... The words come alive along the way, the emotions light up the landscape, everyone feels in their place and the few hours spent in this group become luminous, unforgettable.

Thank you, François and Marc, for these thousand “nuggets” picked up along the way. It is with delicacy that you have illuminated them so that we can see them in all their splendor. Adeline Foray



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