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Testimony of Liza, following her week "Sculpter son Chemin"

Every morning we take the way, every morning we go further...🎶🎵

Here is the beginning of the song of Compostelle, met

(almost) by chance during this week-long journey aboard “Sculpter son Chemin”. And that can apply to each of my days, each of my places now.

For months, years, my mind had been pushing the desire to "move" in my own journey. How, to where, to what?

I still have these questions today, but I live them with confidence rather than anxiety, after this week of expedition. I thought that this need for change only concerned my professional universe; this week of exchanges has brought to light that something deeper is at work.

It was a great gift for me to offer myself this time of a week of walking and guided reflective work, in this period of great questioning, at a crossroads in my life. To see that my life is made up of crossroads, intersections, directions... that it is a question of stopping for a moment so as not to be afraid to feel what changes, fades, transforms, redesigns itself in me. To make an inventory and see that what I experience as a real "bazaar", a chaos, can also be the breeding ground for many new beginnings for me. What precious insights...

And what a magnificent setting to lose myself in my thoughts, my imagination, and let new visions and sensations spring forth. This trip made me creative!

I was able to exchange safely, in depth, through carefully chosen and guided times. In a natural setting that cleanses me of my daily thoughts. Transform the loop into a journey, an ascent, an epic. Where what I have most precious and sensitive has its place, surrounded by people who know how to cultivate the bond and the care. And improvise if necessary!

Marc and François offered me something unique that is unique to them, unique to the softness of their gaze, their words and their creativity. A bubble that allows me to experience myself differently and to nourish the way I look at myself in a positive way. In the guidance of a superbly constructed hiking trail from my point of view, in the heart of landscapes that leave no choice to wonder. For the splendor of the paintings, I keep the secret 😊

I remember François' first words when I asked him what to prepare regarding the status of my project, my big questions at the moment... "Come as you are, with what is there today" today, there is nothing to prepare,” he replied. And here we go. I lived a week of inner adventures and touching encounters as I like them. I leave more clear and solid. I am surprised and touched by the interior and exterior explorations, the resonances that there were in the group.

My desires today take on more vivid colors, my dreams a little more consistency, and my emotions a little more aware. My desire to walk was born differently, takes on a deeper meaning.

So like that, I'm so close to this tree that crosses the seasons? Yes, I feel it now, it's just inside.

I won't experience winter the same way, now that I understand its importance for the arrival of spring 🌿🌞 Liza



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