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The Camino de Porto. Discovery of a nugget.

I discovered a "little camino". Magnificent, quiet, and of an ideal length for those who cannot afford the luxury of taking 6 weeks or more, off their job, to walk the "classic" long Caminos de Santiago . A wonder that I want to share with you.

An ideal length which allows you to cover it in two weeks, with arrival in Santiago

280 kilometers between Porto in Portugal and Santiago de Compostela in Spain, which are typically divided into 13 stages averaging 21km per day.

A duration long enough to allow a long walk with a real disconnection from the reality of daily life.

And also to benefit, in the second week, from the physical well-being acquired during the first week.

A duration short enough that a leave of two and a half weeks allows you to do it completely, including travel.

A good compromise, therefore for a "real" camino, with its historic starting point, Porto, and an arrival in Santiago, which still represents a strong symbol.

A magnificent camino, winding along the Atlantic coast with a few escapades in the forest

Departing from Porto, it travels for 5 days in Portugal, alternating between passages on pontoons on the wild beaches, the perspectives from the hills around Viana do Castelo, or the colorful atmosphere of the eucalyptus forests.

Until crossing the Rio Minho by boat, on the border with Spain.

Then for 8 days in Galicia, flirting with the rias (kind of Spanish fjords), around Vigo.

A route that passes through small towns and villages, most often on paths.

Then the forest again before arriving in Santiago.

A quiet camino and frequented by younger people on average than on the other caminos I have traveled

Quiet firstly because it has very little difference in altitude.

Quiet afterwards because it is much less busy than the Camino Frances.

Finally, being feasible in 2 to 3 weeks it is much more accessible to working people.

Thus, I found a diversity of ages and cultures there, greater than on the "long" paths.

Here is a great opportunity, if you are looking for an affordable space of time to slow down and take a step back in connection with nature, the diversity of the world and with yourself.

Francois Thouret



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