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The Camino to Compostela. A TRULY extraordinary school!

For all those who have walked even a week on the Camino (way to Santiago de Compostela), there is a "before" and an "after". I don't know of any exceptions.

I therefore did not escape the rule during my first experience in 2019. I came back transformed to a point that I had not imagined and even less understood.

But what had happened?

What phenomena are at work on this path?

The benefits were such for me that I felt the need to find some answers to these questions.

So I left again, a month ago “on the bench” of this unparalleled school, this time on the “Arles route”, destination Col du Somport.

Yesterday I reached the Col du Somport on the Spanish border, after 800km of walking.

The body regenerated, the mind wide open and with the impression of carrying within me a “schoolbag” filled with treasures.

💎Treasures made of moments of joy, wonder, deep emotions.

. I filled my eyes and my camera with magnificent changing landscapes with the colorful progression of autumn and with the variety of departments crossed.

. I filled my heart and my memory with faces, accents and “extraordinary” stories shared during conversations while walking or on the side of the road or during evening stops.

💎And also treasures made of lessons through the experience of the values of the path:

. For my personal life, I learned or relearned simplicity, authentic sharing, awareness of the things that are essential to me.

. For my professional practice, I have practiced listening, discernment, humility, respect for diversity in very diverse situations.

Today, I am torn between the joy of arriving at my destination and the desire to continue walking!

But I already know that I will go back.

And in the meantime I will share what I have understood, in order to allow as many people as possible to one day also know the benefits of this “extraordinary school”.

Francois - November 2021

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