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The echo of words in Woaching - Testimony

🎁A gift for you: yesterday's story of a new Woaching benefit put into words!

Light rain as we left Grenoble on the morning of September 15

Head to the Balcons du Lac du Bourget for a day of group Woaching

The Belvédère de la Chambotte which overlooks the lake is in the fog. We can't see the lake!

Yet everyone is there.

Everyone relies heavily on this day to shed light on the choices presented to them.

Then the sky clears, offering a striking gap over the lake and its sentinels, allowing an almost sunny selfie :=)

From there, our thoughts as we walk are punctuated by a succession of sunny spells and showers, ending in a storm at the end of the route.

Despite these vagaries of the weather, the final comments reflected the unanimous satisfaction of the participants.


. “The possibility of conversing with two coaches allows me to broaden my perspective on my thoughts.

This helped me to find and put the right words on what was hidden behind my formulation of my situation”

. “The intimacy created in the group helps me seek answers that are sometimes found on the personal side”

. “This day increased my desire to move forward tenfold. I went from “I don’t know” to “I will.”

And the “diamond” 💎 that appeared during the debriefing conversation:

"I have the habit of walking to help me think. Woaching also allowed me to verbalize and share my thoughts.

And I've found some enlightening things in conversation: the echo of words spoken aloud reflects back to me the harmonics of things hidden inside me that are being expressed".

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