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The Via Jacobi

An ideal path to rekindle or deepen a dear relationship

The Via Jacobi, in Switzerland, is a path to Compostela which goes from Lake Constance to Geneva, before heading towards Santiago. I have already told you about this route that I discovered a year ago, which combines ease of access, calm and incredible beauty.

I have just covered it again on 3 new stages, from Spietz to Schwarzenburg.

And I want to share with you a unique perspective that this path can provide to everyone.

Let me explain. 🌱 You would like to rekindle or deepen the relationship you have with a person who matters to you (dear friend, partner, parent, child, etc.);

🌱 You don't see her often because she lives far away, in France or Europe;

🌱 You know that like you, she likes to walk, and that she also feels the desire to spend time together.

So this path lends itself wonderfully to offering you a time and space to live together, in listening, sharing, authentic relationships. How?

🍀 It’s a path little traveled at any time. It therefore lends itself well to a journey for two, in complete presence for the other;

🍀 It is a path in a central position in Europe, easily accessible by everyone, by train or plane, through Geneva or Bern. Each stage is accessible by train, which makes it easy to compose a 3 to 5 day route depending on your availability;

🍀 It is a path with high quality infrastructure (accommodation, attentive welcome from guests, breakfasts(!), rest areas, markings, etc.).

For a budget that is certainly a little higher than on the paths to Compostela in France or Spain.

But I admit that, although I am a fan of simplicity, for a few days I appreciated the comfort which gives a warmer side to the experience;

🍀 Stages of medium difficulty: affordable to the greatest number of people with the taste and ability to walk 15 to 25 km/day;

🍀 Breathtaking landscapes, where the combined beauties of the mountains and the lakes, particularly in the part between Stans and Schwarzenburg. This also helps give the experience an unforgettable character. And makes you want to come back.

Of course there are many other possible ways to achieve such an experience, but I find that this one particularly stands out for its ease of organization, comfort and beauty.

So see you soon perhaps to cross paths on Via Jacobi? 😊 François Thouret

(1) Another Woaching post on via Jacobi: link

(2) Detailed description of the route: link

(3) List of accommodation on the via Jacobi:

hébergements jacobi
Download PDF • 107KB

On request, I can also recommend contacts of the accommodations I have used.


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