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Walking route on Via Jacobi. Feelings.

If you are looking to walk a few days on the Camino de Santiago, during this summer, or another, here is a route that combines ease of access, calm and incredible beauty.

The via Jacobi in Switzerland is the Camino (way to Compostela) that connects Lake Constance to Geneva. It is part of the great road that starts from Saint Petersburg and crosses Europe to Santiago de Compostela). I walked on this path during the month of June, with a friend, and I want to testify to my feelings of wonder. The part I recommend is between Einsiedeln and Spiez. That is 6 days for 130 km. Intermediate stages in: Schwyz, Stans, Sachseln, Brienz, Interlaken. Ease of Access 4 hours by train from Geneva to reach Einsieldeln. But above all, all the small stopover towns on the route are served by a station. This is not always the case on the routes to Compostela in France.

Calm The attendance of pilgrims is much lower than that which can be encountered on the roads in France or Spain in the period May-September. We met about a dozen pilgrims, where some famous portions in France have hundreds. If you are looking for peace and quiet then this way is perfect. In particular for walks in pairs, or in small groups, for which the low attendance of other pilgrims is not a subject.


This is the point that struck me the most. I have done 3000 km of Camino so far, and I can testify that this route is by far the most beautiful that I have encountered.

This beauty is nourished by the presence of 6 lakes along the route, which make up breathtaking landscapes with the pastures and forests. And in these hot weather, their refreshing water is welcome to swim in.

Finally, maintenance and perfect signposting, as found in Switzerland, can add an additional character of beauty. Francois



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