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Eclairer son chemin...light your path forward. Milene’s testimony

I didn't really know what I was looking for, nor what I was going to find and even less which way to take this path that Marc and François suggested we explore.

I decided to go there with a light, serene mind and free from all expectations in order to be able to receive as much information as possible and to fully enjoy the moments and the present moment.

I arrived with lots of certainties, incomprehension and anger in my life. The evening, the night, and the full day that followed allowed me to take a good look at my emotions and my own contradictions.

A significant number of tools have been proposed in order to be able to act on a daily basis in a more concrete way and to evolve in the direction that each person wishes for themselves.

The small group we formed was united from the start, the building of trust allowed everyone to relax completely. The attention and listening allowed me to appreciate each of the words of my “colleagues”, members of the group like me, during this short weekend.

"Eclairer son chemin" is a true haven of peace and contemplation in a place conducive to introspection.

Thank you to the group, thank you Marc and thank you François Milene



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