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Testimony of Pierre, following his week "Sculpter son Chemin"

In the midst of a professional retraining, I offered myself these few days on the road to take stock of the radical choices made to change my professional life.

I thought I was clear in my decisions, but I felt my momentum held back by a rubber band…

I walked for six days, on the beautiful paths of the foothills of the Larzac, magnificently accompanied by François and Marc.

Thanks to them and through the group, I became aware of the inner renunciations that I had not yet assumed, how they prolonged my wandering and my hesitation to take certain steps.

By alternating phases of silence, listening, verbalization and self-writing, granting others a deep listening, also freeing my creativity, I revisited my life from birth to the present , I rediscovered my essential beacons, I forgave myself many things… I even brought my deceased ancestors back to life, I better understood their history, mine too.

This inner adventure was an opportunity to experience and come to terms with deep emotions, which revealed to me the end of the road I had left to better align heart and mind in my road choices.

What luck, what happiness too, to live through walking and accompaniment, in your body as much as in your heart and in your soul, a rejuvenating experience of such depth.

From this part of the journey together, I came back calmed, reassured, amazed by the interactions received and created in such a short time, full of ideas in my pockets to move forward, equipped to continue carving my way alone...🌞🍀 Pierre



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