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Time seemed to stand still

Testimonial from Antoinette, participant in the "Éclairer son chemin" course

Throughout the course, I felt confident in freeing my speech.

Particularly in these privileged moments of rich sharing of the words of others and mine too.

As well as in the times spent in the so benevolent “talk bubble” of these two-person conversations, while walking.

And also finally, in the silent walks connected to nature.

I had no idea to what extent this exercise could bring up deep things in me, in me since childhood. A knot was undone over the words.

I walked internally as I walked on the path.

All this work was done under the kind attention of François and Marc who, upon my arrival, made me feel good and quickly found my place in the group.

I experienced a unique moment of wonderful encounters in a warm setting where time seemed to stand still.


Antoinette Chaninet



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